Greene County Seeks Election Judges

Would you like to pick up $115 for one day’s work making sure our elections are fair?

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller announced that he is in need of election judges for the upcoming August and November elections. The judges can earn as little as $200 or almost $300 for their work on election day making sure the election process is carried out according to regulations.

“Election judges are an absolutely critical part of efficient and effective election administration,” Schoeller told OI. “Although the work they do often goes unseen and recognized, it is a truly inspiring example of civic engagement in a time of deep political polarization. On election day, teams of Democrat and Republican judges come together and set aside political differences in the interest of honesty, integrity and fairness as they serve each voter coming to vote on election day. Here in Greene County, our election judges cooperate well, respect each other, and often form lasting friendships. I am deeply grateful for the work they do, and encourage others who are interested in joining this important work to contact our office so we can help them get engaged in serving alongside their fellow citizens this coming August and November.”

Schoeller says that the county will need over 500 judges for the August election and they currently have less than 400 with just over 45 days left until the August balloting.

A major factor in the decline in judges is the COVID-19 pandemic, as many election judges tend to be older residents who are in high risk categories for the virus.

A regular election judge earns $115 for the day, $130 goes to judges who manage a voting precinct, and those who pick up and drop off ballots and marking devices earn $210. An $85 bonus is being paid because of the pandemic.

There is also a week of paid training that is required of any judges.

Applications to be a judge are available on the County Clerk’s website.

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