Christian County Announces 35th COVID-19 Case

Christian County Health Department officials announced late Sunday night a new case of COVID-19 that brings the county’s total to 35 cases.

The new case has not been able to be linked to another case but investigators are not able to definitively call it community spread because the case had traveled to another state before becoming symptomatic. The person is being monitored in home quarantine and close contacts are being notified by the CCHD.

The person did not cause any potential public exposures during the time they were first symptomatic.

Of the 35 cases reported by Christian County officials, 31 were confirmed by testing and 4 are probable cases. The health department is monitoring 5 active cases.

CCHD officials are strongly urging residents to wear masks in light of the Governor’s actions to reopen the state by lifting restrictions. They also suggest following social distancing requirements in all public situations.

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