Hundreds Join Prayer Vigil for Injured Officer

The community turned out Wednesday night for an outdoor prayer vigil in honor of Springfield police officer Mark Priebe, seriously injured when a man attacked him with a vehicle on Tuesday.

An estimated 200 people showed up at the AMP in J.R. Martin Park in Republic to pray for Officer Priebe and his family. Police Chief Paul Williams was joined by the SPD Chaplain and six local pastors in leading the prayer service.

Priebe’s wife Heather posted on Facebook that she was able to Facetime with him during the service and he was able to watch and participate from his hospital room. She thanked the community for their ongoing support.

Priebe was injured Tuesday when a man intentionally drove his vehicle into him outside the Springfield Police Headquarters. That driver is now in the Greene County Jail facing charges that could put him in prison for up to 30 years or life.

Priebe has been undergoing surgeries to repair injuries to his ribs and his spine; Police Chief Williams said it would be a “fight” for Priebe to walk again.

Priebe’s wife is battling cancer.

Heather Priebe posted on Facebook that they are talking with representatives from one of America’s best rehab hospitals for spinal injuries and are hopeful.

If you would like to make a donation to help Officer Priebe and his family, you can donate through the Springfield Police Officer Association’s website.

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