Morris Sentenced to 30 Years in Sowards Death

The man who killed Dana Sowards in a car crash as he was fleeing from police will be spending 24 years in prison, and as much as 30 years, after sentencing Tuesday.

Greene County Presiding Judge Michael Cordonnier sentenced Tommy Morris, Jr. to 30 years in prison for the second degree murder of Sowards. Morris was also sentenced to 20 years on drug related charges that will run concurrently with the murder sentence.

The murder charge requires someone to serve 80 percent of their sentence before they can be considered for parole, or 24 years.

Prosecutors had shown that Morris was high on drugs and fleeing police from a drug arrest when he drove into an intersection and struck the vehicle being driven by mother-of-two Sowards. Police had stopped the pursuit before Morris struck and killed Sowards.

Morris at the time of the incident had been convicted nine times on felonies and was on probation. His attorneys had argued that Morris tried to stop, showing he didn’t intend to kill Sowards.

Morris expressed his remorse in court, claiming he deeply regretted the incident.

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