Man Drives Vehicle Into Officer Outside Springfield Police Department

A Springfield Police Officer has been rushed to a local hospital after intentionally being struck by a driver in a white SUV.

A man attempted to get into the secure area of the Springfield Police Department, banging on doors, and causing a disturbance. He was asked to leave, he did, but stopped to urinate on the building. Before officers arrived outside, the man had left.

While the officers were still outside, the man returned in a white SUV. An officer stepped out in an attempt to flag the driver down. The driver then accelerated toward the officer, striking him and pinning him between the SUV and a bollard in the front of the building. (A bollard is the concrete pillar in front of buildings to prevent vehicles from being able to drive into a building.)

Police Chief Williams said they didn’t know if the driver was trying to just hit the officer or if he wanted to drive into the building.

A second officer commanded the driver to leave the vehicle, when the driver refused, the officer shot him.

The police officer was not named, but Chief Williams said he was breathing and talking as they took him to a local hospital. The driver was also taken to a local hospital. Chief Williams believed the driver was a white male from what he saw of them loading the driver into an ambulance.

More details will be released as they become available.

Here is the video of Chief Williams’ press conference:

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