Greene County Deputy’s Social Media Post about Protests Draws Review

A Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy who made a posting on social media critical of the protesters last weekend in Springfield is facing a review after citizens made complaints to the Sheriff’s Office.

Shane Turner made online comments under a news story that showed protesters blocking the path of a car. Turner’s comments included statements like “This is ridiculous! You stand in the road, you deserve to get hit,” and “You want a peaceful protest, I’m all for that! Stay off the roadways so people not wanting to partake can go about their days without worry of damage to their car or loved ones.”

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott learned of the comments from citizen complaints, and while he initially felt there was no need for discipline, he referred the matter to the division of his department that handles internal issues.

Sheriff Arnott told OI that he expects to have the results of that investigation within the next week. At that point, he will decide on any discipline.

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