WonderWorks Opens Saturday in Branson

It’s an amusement park, it’s a science center, it’s a history museum all rolled into one, and it opens Saturday in Branson.

After a delayed start because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the new attraction is scheduled to open Saturday, June 5, at 10 a.m.. The center is the sixth location for WonderWorks’ parent company and is their largest location at just over 48,000 square feet.

“We are so excited for our grand opening and love what we are bringing to the Branson community,” Brenda Dent, general manager of WonderWorks Branson, said a statement. “We have something for everyone. This is the type of place that people have been hoping for, giving their family a great place to make memories together.”

The center will be opening with COVID-19 safety protocols: reduced capacity, enhanced cleaning efforts, social distancing measures, hand sanitizer stations, employee health screenings, and employee personal protective equipment (PPE).

WonderWorks will feature some displays that are unique to Branson, including the Branson Experience, an exploratory program that gives the history of the area.

The attraction has a number of STEM displays where you can learn about the sciences. There are also features like:

  • An “American Pride” section in partnership with the US Army, giving people an opportunity to see if they have what it takes to pass the PT test. Guests will also learn about STEM education in the military, American innovation, and more.
  • Guests will learn about the connection it has to Route 66, the Shepard of the Hills, Native American tribes, and current pop culture, among other local aspects.
  • Guests can go “Inside the Lab” to engage in exhibits covering meteorology, physics, light and sounds, space discovery, elements, and much more.

The WonderWorks Branson’s exterior of a house flipped upside down is the back of the “background story” of the attraction. The “legend” of WonderWorks is that it was once a top-secret laboratory that flipped the building during an experiment that went entirely wrong.

Anyone who wants more information about WonderWorks, or to find out about their COVID-19 protections, can visit their website.

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