Pipkin Seventh Grader Designs SPS Green Space

A seventh grade student at Pipkin Middle School was so inspired by his special science unit on greenspaces that he has helped create something special for all his fellow students: a new green gathering space near his school’s cafeteria.

Timmy Atkins designed the “Greener Greenspace” using the biology, chemistry, and enviromental science lessons that he had learned over the last school year.

“It’s definitely different than what I expected,” Atkins said in a statement. “But I really like how useful the space is going to be.”

Each school across the district had hundreds of student designed projects of which Atkins’ project was chosen as the district’s winner in February. The prize was having his design built and maintained by SPS maintenance team members.

The area is built with supplies donated by Menard’s and plants that are grown at the Watershed Center.

The project was supposed to be built in March but because of the COVID-19 lockdown everything was delayed until May 28. Atkins spent the day working with the SPS Maintenance Team and Kelly Owens from Watershed Committee of the Ozarks to make design decisions.

These plants we’re using in Timmy’s garden were actually harvested by Timmy and other Pipkin students, and then Hillcrest students started the seeds and took care of the seedlings,” Owens said in a statement. “I think it’s really cool to have students in one part of the city learning and doing work that then impacts another group of students in the same city. They can come and see their garden grow, and that community impact is so powerful.” 

Atkins determined the placement of items like two picnic tables built by Kickapoo High School construction students.

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