Ozark Rejects Internet Use Tax; Bond Measure Passes

Local business owners in Ozarks won’t be on equal footing with their internet competitors after a tax that would have made all business equal failed at the ballot box.

The use tax, which would have put a 2.4% tax on all online and out-of-state purchases, was defeated by a 54-46% count.

The decision means that purchases through sites like Amazon.com will not be taxed locally in the same way as purchases made at local brick and mortar stores within the Ozark city limits.

The voters did pass an 88 cent tax levy that did not raise the overall tax level in the school district.

The $26.5 million bond will be used to fund the Ozark Innovation Center, an extension of the high school that will teach programs like culinary arts and health services.

Funds will also be used for the Early Childhood Center.

The school measure passes 62-38 percent.

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