Springfield City Council to Vote on Resolution Condemning Killing of George Floyd

Springfield City Council will be considering a resolution at Monday night’s meeting to condemn the killing of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers.

The resolution calls the killing an “unprovoked and intentional act of violence [that] represents a blatant disregard for the dignity and sanctity of human life.”

The resolution goes on to condemn the killing, noting that it was not an isolated incident in recent years.

“This act of intolerable violence and other similar acts that have occurred across this country in recent years are unpardonable and must serve as a wake-up call to every human being that recognizes life as both a gift and a human right,” the resolution reads.

Here is the full resolution:


The adding of the resolution created an amended Council agenda from what was posted earlier in the week. The revised agenda for tonight’s city council meeting is below.


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