McClure Comments on COVID-19 Case Increases & Great Clips Situation

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure spoke to media on Friday about the Springfield-Greene County Health Department’s announcement of 20 new cases on Friday, marking a week of significant increases of COVID-19 in the community.

McClure said that the increased case count is a reminder the virus is still a threat to the community.

“What we’ve said all week is when we open up the community, as we step down from restrictions, with that goes more risk,” McClure said. “The message to me has always been, and especially this week, for us to take personal responsibility and make to take the actions that we need to take.”

McClure went on to say that the results are positive in the sense that it shows the effectiveness of testing.

“The announcements today were a result of good testing,” McClure said. “We go back to the second week of March, none of this could have occurred. We have to look at the good part, which is that we have the testing to take care of this and identify [cases] very early.”

The Mayor also commented on the Great Clips situation, noting that there has not been a positive test among the over 40 test results from close contacts to the infected stylist.

“The good thing coming out of that is masks were worn both by the stylist and the customers,” McClure said. “This will give us a good read on the effectiveness of the mask. The business did the right thing in using the masks and were very cooperative based on what I was told, and I commend them. They were active in getting the notices out in working with the health department.”

“The big thing is that we learn from this to see what we can hopefully avoid that in the future,” McClure said.

McClure added he doesn’t believe the current cases will have an impact on the City Council’s decision Monday regarding the easing of restrictions on outdoor dining and methods for restaurants to increase outdoor dining options on a temporary basis.

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