Costco Looking at Springfield Location

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure announced Thursday that Costco Wholesale Corporation is looking at putting a membership warehouse in East Springfield.

The warehouse would be located east of the Chestnut Expressway exit on Highway 65 as part of the “Kirkland Commons.”

“I’m pleased to announce and also confirm the rumors are true that Costco Wholesale Corporation is considering a membership warehouse retail store in Springfield,” McClure said in a statement. “We are so pleased to welcome Costco to our community. We know that there has been a strong interest from our citizens for this store and, in fact, that some Springfieldians drive the 150 miles to get to the nearest Costco. I am positive that Costco will expand our retail base, bringing new customers to Springfield who will surely shop elsewhere while they’re in town. In addition, Costco has a reputation for being a quality employer, offering some of the highest retail wages and a robust benefits package.”

The new facility is expected to bring at least 125 jobs to the city, which could grow to over 200 as the store’s sales grow. The average hourly rate of pay for a Costco employee is $25.50 with a benefit package that includes medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, mental health, life insurance, disability, long-term care, employee assistance program, flexible spending accounts, employee stock purchase program, 11 holidays per year, college student retention program and free Costco membership with 2% reward and 401(k).

Costco also gives 1% of sales to local charities.

City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission will be considering separate measures related to the development at their next meetings.

At their Monday night meeting, the Council will consider an ordinance that will provide access and infrastructure improvements costing an estimated $4.8 million. Costco will pay for them and the City will then reimburse the company using one-half of 1-cent general sales tax, 1/4-cent capital improvements sales tax, and 1/8-cent transportation sales tax.

On June 4, planning and zoning will consider a preliminary plat for the “Kirkland Commons” and a final development plan for a planned development. Eastgate south of Chestnut will need to be relocated to provide a large enough space for the Costco.

Should the city approve everything, construction would break ground in spring 2021 and open in fall 2021.

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