Former Major Leaguer Named Head of Ballparks of America

Branson’s Ballparks of America’s new ownership has announced a “major league” hire to run their operations: former MLB pitcher Scott Bailes.

Bailes, who played nine season in the majors with Cleveland, California, and Texas, served as Director of Development for the Cardinals and is a color commentator during television broadcasts.

“With Scott Bailes’ background we knew he would be a great fit,” Lori Moore, Account Executive of SFM, said in a press statement. “He has had a tremendous influence in his various roles not only as a professional baseball player, but also as a facility operator, entrepreneur, and public servant. He is a great addition to the SFM team and as General Manager will be a great asset for Ballparks of America.”

Ballparks of America recently was sold to four businessmen from Springfield: Greg Snider, Paul Satterwhite, Dale Helle, and Steve Strobel.

The organization has planned an extended season because of delays to the season brought on because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Details are available on the Ballparks of America website.

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