Arnott Disputes Portion of KY3 Report on K9 Incident

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott is disputing the way local television station KY3 described an incident involving a K9 and the grandmother of an inmate who escaped the Greene County Jail Monday afternoon.

During the manhunt for Nathan Sneed, deputies went to the home of his grandmother, Cathy Meredith. Meredith lives a few blocks away from the Greene County Jail and was considered a possible destination for Sneed.

Meredith had let deputies and a K9 search her home when something happened that caused the dog to attack Meredith. She suffered a bite that required surgery.

Arnott released a statement to OI where he disputed the part of the KY3 report on the incident that claimed deputies had to “pry the dog’s mouth off of Meredith’s arm.”

Arnott said that dog handlers are trained to isolate the movement of their dogs when an incident like the one with Meredith. They place themselves between the person and the dog as they remove the dog.

Arnott reiterated he does not believe Meredith or the deputy involved were being untruthful about their accounts of the incident. The K9 involved in the incident is not working pending a review.

Here is Arnott’s full statement to OI:

I want to clear up some misconceptions regarding the Ky3 report last night. I was briefed on the incident prior to the interview. I want to be clear, I do not believe that Mrs. Meredith or the deputy involved are being untruthful.

What transpired from both accounts are the same. The order in which things happened, happened very quickly in a matter of seconds. Our Professional Standards Division and K9 training division are conducting a review of the incident. Once this is complete, we will release more details.

One thing I do want to make clear, is our deputy was not “prying” the dog off Mrs. Meredith. Our handlers are trained to isolate their dogs movement in this type of event and place themselves between the person and the dog as they remove the dog.

Mrs. Meredith and her family have been very cooperative and understanding throughout the investigation regarding the jail escape and search of her residence.

Currently the involved K9 is not working and will remain in that status until I receive the competed review and I am able to make a decision based on that information.

I will release a statement after I have reviewed it.

  • Sheriff Jim Arnott
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