SGCHD Has Over 280 in Quarantine; Official Says It’s “Most Active” Week Since April

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department has more than 280 people under quarantine after having a potential close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient according to the city’s assistant public health director.

Jon Mooney told a special session of the Springfield City Council Tuesday that they have 125 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with another 20 that are considered “probable” cases which are not confirmed with DNA tests, for a total of 145 cases.

He said there are 36 active cases in the county, of which 24 have come in during the last 10 days. Those new cases are what has driven the number of quarantined cases above 280, and Mooney said those are the reason the city & county’s “public health capability score” on their recovery dashboard would be falling from the 9.1-9.5 range to around 7.5. (The updated number on the board is exactly 7.5.)

“This is the most active we’ve been since before the stay at home order,” Mooney told Council. “One big thing that’s changed from early April until now is testing. We have so much more testing than we had before and we can get testing locally so we can get those test results turned around quickly.”

Mooney said initially when testing had to be done by private labs it could take up to 12 days to get the results back while a local test now can be done in one or two days.

Mooney noted that the department was “confident” in their testing capability and that they can continue to provide testing to those who most need it. He said that hospital capability “will continue to stay strong.”

Both Mooney and Mayor Ken McClure referred to the need for citizens to be vigilant regarding social distancing and personal hygiene during the next few weeks.

“I think this is a critical week,” Mayor McClure said. “We’re entering the first full week under the Phase Two and with that increased ability to be open to go other places where we might not have done before with more people, goes with it the responsibility to actually make sure we follow the guidelines you’ve mentioned.”

“Wash your hands, keep the physical distance, make sure if you’re sick you stay at home,” McClure continued. “All of those to me, throughout all of this process, have never been more important than right now.”

Mooney was asked by Councilman Matt Simpson about the tests being conducted on the customers of two Great Clips hairstylists who went to work while showing symptoms of COVID-19.

“Our goal is to get all 140 of those individuals tested,” Mooney said. “We are still working through that and getting the results.”

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