Springfield Mayor Amends Road to Recovery Order on Occupancy

In an attempt to clarify the city’s position on occupancy in the second phase of the “Road to Recovery” order, Springfield Mayor Ken McClure has issued a revision on the policy that takes effect at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

The amended order directs the calculation on occupancy to be based on an entire facility’s square footage, rather than individual rooms. While social distancing requirements may lower the overall amount of people inside one particular room, the new amendment will give businesses and houses of worship more flexibility in the use of their facility.

An example provided by the city referred to a 10,000 square foot church calculating occupancy by 10,000 square feet divided by 30 times .25, resulting in an occupancy of 83 people.

The amendment also sets an occupancy floor of 35 people in certain categories, meaning even if the calculation would be below 35, a total of 35 people are allowed within the space.

Here is the city order:


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