Greene County Commission Candidate Removed from State Panel; Resigns from Libertarian Party After Comments About Underage Sex

A man running for Greene County Commission District 2 has been removed from a state advisory board and has resigned from the state Libertarian Party after comments he made about children under 18 having sex with adults including the statement “you can’t rape the willing lol.”

Cecil Ince had been a member of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s advisory panel for special education. A DESE communications staff confirmed to OI via phone that Ince has been removed from that position.

Ince also resigned from the state Libertarian Party, of which he had been serving as vice chair, on Wednesday afternoon via Facebook message:

As of Wednesday afternoon, Ince had removed most of his social media presence including the website linked to his campaign for the Greene County Commission’s 2nd District, but Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller told OI Ince has not withdrawn from the ballot. (Ince’s Twitter account for the campaign was still active as of 5 p.m. Wednesday. Update: As of 6 a.m. Thursday it has been deleted.)

The controversy began when Ince responded to a Facebook posting from a Libertarian that stated it a teacher jailed for having sex with a 13-year-old student was “railroaded” and that it “shouldn’t be a felony that causes you to be locked up in prison for the rest of your life.”

The Libertarian Republic website then captured screenshots of Ince, who commented comments “is it molestation if the 13yr old consented?”

Ince began advocating for the state not having a mandated age of consent law but that it should be a “social norm and decided by parents.”

In another comment captured by Libertarian Republic, Ince compared children having sex with an adult to a property rights violation.

“I believe there should be laws for to protect individual life liberty and property so yes there should be laws against the rape and property violations just because a child consents to having sex with an adult doesn’t mean that it’s not a violation of a parent’s property.”

Ince went on to say in another comment “PARENTS should protect and preserve their child right to life and liberty. That all consent should derive from the parent on all issues of the child. A parent should deny the child’s right to sex.”

When challenged by someone asking what if the parent didn’t deny that, Ince responded “You can’t rape the willing lol.”

Screenshot captured by Libertarian Republic.

Ince had previously run for the Greene County Commission in 2016, capturing 20 percent of the vote in a race against now State Senator Lincoln Hough.

OI contacted the Greene County Libertarian Party through a phone number listed on their Facebook page, which resulted in a voicemail greeting from Mr. Ince. He did not return our phone call by press time.

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