Springfield-Greene County Health Department Announces 8 New Cases Since Friday; 6 Related to Domestic Travel

Springfield-Greene County Health Department head Clay Goddard announced eight new cases of COVID-19 since Friday.

Goddard said six of the cases are related to out-of-state domestic travel. Goddard noted that there will likely be additional cases connected to the travel among people who are close contacts and/or traveled with the people who have tested positive for the virus.

One of the other two cases was a close contact of another case from another county. The county has not determined the likely location or method of transmission for the eighth case.

“I would not consider six of eight cases related to travel to be remotely connected to the reopening of our community,” Goddard said.

Goddard then went on to warn the community not to jump to conclusions regarding new cases.

“One thing that I’m going to stress,” Goddard said, “as we look at new cases you have to look at each case individually and not make an assumption based on raw numbers.”

Goddard also announced two potential exposures to the public because of the new cases chose to go out while symptomatic:

  • Walmart, East Kearney, time unknown
  • Dollar General, Glenstone north of I-44, 12:30 p.m.

While Goddard said the risk to anyone at those locations while the symptomatic patient was in the store is low, people who were in those locations should monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

“As we take steps to reopen our community, it is even more important for all of us to be staying at home while sick,” Goddard said. “When we do need to get out, we should be interacting with our environment like we are sick and the people around us are sick.”

He reminded the public that the virus can only survive in the community by healthy people coming in close contact with people who are infected with the virus.

Goddard warned about antibody testing for those who think they may have had COVID-19. He said that these tests do not specifically tell you if you had the novel coronavirus or some other coronavirus; there are multiple coronaviruses including the common cold that should provide a positive test on an antibody test. The PCR DNA testing is the conclusive testing for the virus that causes COVID-19.

If someone had an antibody test and met “general case definitions”, the CDC has been classifying them as a “probable COVID-19 case,” but that does not mean it was 100% definitive as a COVID-19 case.

He also said anyone who is seeking testing on their own to test with companies that have tests who are FDA approved.

“We are very skeptical of those who do not have FDA authorization,” Goddard said.

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