Helms: Robocalls Aren’t Coming from Me

Steve Helms wants you to know that he’s not responsible for any robocalls you’re receiving in his name.

The state representative sent a press release Tuesday that said a series of robocalls asking for support on an education bill are not coming from his office and have not been authorized by Helms.

“I know many of my constituents are frustrated with these automated calls that are coming from an unknown source,” Helms said in the press statement. “My office is currently trying to determine who is responsible for these calls, and we have reached out to the Attorney General’s office on this issue.”

The unauthorized robocalls have also been taking place in the state for other Republican representatives.

“I fully support the rights of groups and individuals who want to advocate for a specific issue,” Helms added, “but I believe a certain level of transparency is necessary so that everyone who receive these calls are aware of where they are coming from and for what purpose.”

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