Academy Sports & Outdoors Sued Over Shooting Deaths

Family members of one person shot to death in Springfield on Halloween 2018 is suing the store where the ammunition used by the gunman was purchased.

The family of Aaron Hampton is suing Academy Sports and Outdoors, claiming that employees should have known that the woman buying ammunition did not intend to use the ammo herself. The suit says that Nyadia Burden bought the bullets because Luis Perez (pictured above) was an illegal immigrant with pending felony charges and therefore couldn’t buy the ammunition.

Burden allegedly paid for the bullets after Perez brought the bullets to her and gave her $20, and because Academy employees saw this they should have checked Perez’s background.

The suit notes that an attempt to buy ammunition at a nearby Walmart was refused by an employee of that store.

Perez shout his ex-roommates Steven Marler and Aaron Hampton on Halloween and then killed Sabrina Starr, 21, the next day. Starr had given the gun to Perez in return for tattoo work.

Perez is facing three counts of first-degree murder. Perez should have faced deportation proceedings in 2018 while in New Jersey, but federal authorities said Middlesex County ruled Perez didn’t fit their required criteria for calling in ICE.

Burden pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder for her role in the killings.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of Hampton’s family is asking for money for pain and suffering and to cover costs such as the funeral.

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