Barnhouse Bingo Held in Lawful Manner Following County Changes

Just a few days after Greene County officials had harsh words about Travis Zarechi, the owner of the Barnhouse who opened his business despite restrictions placed by the county, another bingo night took place without incident.

The new restrictions passed by Greene County officials late Thursday allowed Zarechi’s business to open with restrictions on the number of people allowed inside the building.

At a press conference Thursday, both Springfield-Greene County Health Department director Clay Goddard and Greene County Presiding Commissioner took Zarechi to task for opening the previous night for bingo.

“I thought it was shameful and disrespectful to everyone else who has made immeasurable sacrifice,” Greene County Commissioner Bob Dixon said at the time. “An enormous amount of people in this community have suffered so that we could not allow this disease to get out of hand and we’ve been able to be successful.”

Sunday night, tables were set up outside the building to allow people in attendance who could not get into the building to still be able to participate in bingo and to enforce social distancing requirements.

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