Taney County COVID-19 Testing Produces No Positive Tests

Taney County Health Department officials announced the results of a series of point-in-time COVID-19 tests.

All 340 people tested last week for the virus that causes COVID-19 were negative.

“This is a public health win.” Lisa Marshall, Director of the TCHD, said in a statement. “Prevention is what public health is all about and this is a great example. Community leaders and residents have done well in following public health guidelines in regard to closing down early and social distancing and that has made all the difference.”

The TCHD conducted the tests in partnership with the Cox Medical Center Branson, the City of Branson, Jordan Valley Community Health, and Mercy, as well as the Stone County Health Department. 

Health Department officials are warning that despite the very positive testing results, the virus is still in the area and social distancing requirements are still vital in avoiding contraction of the virus:

• Wear a mask when in public
• Wash hands for 20 seconds
• Stay 6’ away from others
• Stay home if you are sick
• Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

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