KSGF’s “Gun Show” Host Canovi Dies in Accident Involving Tow Truck

The host of a local radio show is dead following an accident involving a tow truck along U.S. Highway 65 Saturday night.

Springfield police say 63-year-old Matthew Canovi died after being struck by a tow truck as it was positioning to load Canovi’s disabled vehicle.

A truck that belongs to Affordable Towing was being driven by 29-year-old Alan Goodkin of Springfield. The truck was on the northbound shoulder of Highway 65 just north of the Chestnut Expressway bridge. As Goodkin began to back up the truck to get into position to load Canovi’s 2007 Pontiac Solstice, the truck struck Canovi who had been standing next to the vehicle.

Investigators told media that impairment does not appear to be factor in the accident.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. The accident marks the fifth fatal motor vehicle incident in Springfield in 2020.

Canovi was the host of the “Gun Show” on local radio station KSGF. KSGF morning show host Nick Reed posted on social media the station will be doing a special tribute to Canovi during their show.

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