Christian County Announces Changes to Stay at Home Order

The Christian County Commission announced changes to their stay at home order that would start a gradual reopening of businesses in the county.

The Commission voted Friday morning to make changes effective May 4, 2020, that would allow businesses to reopen if they follow social distancing requirements and occupancy limits.

“Our intention in adopting this Order has been to remain consistent and aligned to the degree possible with the similar measures adopted by our local jurisdictions without conflicting with Governor Parson’s Show Me Strong Recovery Plan,” Christian County Presiding Commissioner Ralph Phillips said in a statement.

The statement also praised the citizens of Christian County for their efforts supporting the stay at home order and social distancing, nothing the low occurrence of the disease in the county is a credit to their efforts. However, the Commission did urge citizens to continue their efforts at social distancing because of the “current projected longevity of COVID-19.”

The Commission also extended the closure of County buildings to the public except by appointment. The Commission noted the small sizes of many County offices in the closure, saying the current restrictions were necessary to protect the health of County employees.

Two changes will go into effect: the walk-up window at the Collector’s office will reopen, as will the Recycling Center for self-service drop offs.

Here is Christian County’s actual order:


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