McClure, Dixon Respond to Governor Parson Extending Stay at Home; New COVID-19 Cases Announced

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure and Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon are giving positive response to the governor’s decision to extend the state’s stay at home order.

The governor’s decision came after speaking with local officials like McClure and Dixon because the governor feels “conditions vary widely” across Missouri.

“As community spread of COVID-19 continues throughout our region, the aggressive actions we have taken, including following the Governor’s order and our more restrictive Springfield and Greene County orders, are working,” Mayor McClure said in a statement.

Dixon agreed that the steps taken have led to reduce growth of the disease in the community.

“Our prevention has undoubtedly saved many lives and allowed our hospitals time to scale up response resources and not be overwhelmed. In this regard, we are ahead of many communities who did not act fast enough. Some are relatively close and will still impact our region,” Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon said in the statement.

The governor’s action and statements from McClure and Dixon comes as Springfield-Greene County Health Department head Clay Goddard announced six more confirmed cases in the county.

“[This is] why we have to continue to stay the course for the immediate future,” Goddard said.

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