Thief Steals Tips for Out-of-Work Servers; Returns to Apologize With More Money

A thief stole tips from a Mexican Villa location that was meant for out-of-work servers at their store, only to return it later that night with an apology letter and more money.

Mexican Villa workers posted on their Facebook page the photo of a man they said came into the Villa South location on Friday April 10, 2020, and stole the $40 collected in a tip jar for servers who have been out of work because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

They posted a photo of the man and his vehicle along with a photo of a vehicle containing a woman that the store thought was working with the thief. They asked anyone who knew the person to call the Springfield Police Department.

About 20 hours after they posted the story on Facebook, they posted a second update that the thief had not only returned to the store, but he brought $70 back along with an apology letter. It read:

“To the employees who worked yesterday I truly apologize for what happened it was a stupid mistake made while under the influence of drugs which is not a excuse just the truth there was 40 something in there when it was taken I tried to double it but could only get 70 I’m sorry I’m not a bad person just a man with an addiction I AM sorry!!!”

Villa officials said they didn’t condone the man’s actions in stealing the money but did respect that he did the right thing and returned the money. They added that they would like to help the man get help for his addiction and invited him to reach out to the store to get put in touch with those who would help him.

They also said the incident highlights the problem in Springfield addiction.

“Decent people get tangled in that web,” Villa officials wrote on Facebook.

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