Springfield’s School of Rock Closes

Youth across the Ozarks who want to be the next Eddie Van Halen, Gene Simmons, or Neil Peart will have to find a new place to learn to rock.

Springfield’s School of Rock announced on social media late Wednesday that they will be permanently closing after seven years.

“As people are asking us if we are closing because of Covid-19,” owner Jennifer Jester wrote. “The answer is that it was a perfect storm, and the pandemic was the nail in the coffin.”

Jester said that ordinarily a closure like this would end up with a sale of the business’s equipment, but because of the city’s COVID-19 lockdown, she is unable to hold a sale of their gear.

Students who want to continue their lessons through online classes offered by School of Rock’s corporate office will be able to do so for a limited time.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the hundreds of students and parents that have come through our doors, and for supporting us through the years, and PLEASE continue making music – as much music as possible, even if it is just in your home,” Jester wrote.

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