Health Department Head: Positive Results Amid Some Frustrations

While cautioning that we are still early in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the community, Springfield-Greene County Health Department head Clay Goddard reported seeing positive results from community restrictions.

Goddard showed City Council members during their Tuesday lunch a graph outlining the projected rate of COVID-19 growth in the community without social distancing versus the actual statistics.

“The orange line is one measure estimate based on our first few cases’ growth,” Goddard explained. “That’s what we expect we would have seen without our community’s strong efforts around containment, mitigation & testing.”

“I’m cautiously optimistic—but we need to keep it up!”

Goddard also shared some frustrations over information that was obtained from some recent COVID-19 infections. The patients reportedly were making leisure trips despite the social distancing restrictions and traveling to areas where there had been significant outbreaks of the virus.

“This is not the time to be doing leisure travel,” Goddard said. “[I’m using] my stern dad-voice, my daughters inform me. It’s not a good idea to be going to areas with high disease incidence.”

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