Greene County Commission Signs Agreement for Temporary Jail

The Greene County Commission Friday voted unanimously to sign an agreement for a new temporary jail facility to replace the current setup behind the Greene County Judicial Center.

The new facility, which will be located next to the Public Safety Center, will consist of ten 39 bed sleeper units and 390 beds. The unit will be wind rated up to 120 m.p.h. and backup diesel generator.

While jail population is currently down because of the COVID-19 situation, Sheriff Jim Arnott responded to a question from Commissioner John Russell that 390 beds is the proper amount for the new temporary jail.

“Unfortunately, I think [jail population] will go up exponentially when things get back to normal because we’ve pushed too much off,” Arnott said in response to Russell’s question.

The cost during the primary term of the lease will be just over $3.1 million per year for two years. After that term, the cost would be almost $263,000 a month for as long as the County would need the facility.

If the facility is in place and ready by July 1, 2020, the county would pay extra for rental days ahead of that date; if the facility is not operational until after that date the county would be credited for those days against the lease.

The lease applies to the structure and facilities, meaning the county will have some additional costs for furniture and other supplies.


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