Seventh Greene County COVID-19 Patient Dies; Two Potential Public Exposures Announced

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced the seventh death of a COVID-19 patient in the county.

The patient was an immunocompromised man in his 60s. He was not connected to the outbreak at a Springfield assisted living facility.

The department also wanted to notify the public of two potential public exposures for COVID-19:

A symptomatic patient visited the Lowe’s in Republic on March 25, during the afternoon, while they are considered to be contagious.

A second patient shopped at the Walmart Supercenter at Kearney and Glenstone while symptomatic on Friday, March 27, around 7:30 a.m..

During the press conference, Springfield-Greene County Health Director Clay Goddard told residents they should be more vigilant when it comes to the coronavirus.

“We should be interacting with our environment as if the people around us are sick,” Goddard said. “Or better yet, we should be operating at this time as we might be sick ourselves.”

After thanking a few religious leaders who participated in a conference call with him earlier this week, he directed comments at churches and other religious groups that have been seeking alternative methods of meeting during the stay at home order.

“We really need to resist the urge to skirt around the stay at home order,” Goddard said. “Even…a drive-through or car-centered service can put congregations at risk. This is killing people in our community. We need to take every opportunity we can to mitigate against that risk.”

Goddard then referenced the 1918 Flu pandemic.

“The communities who did it right found ways around church services, around group gatherings,” Goddard said. “If we found ways to sacrifice then, without the technology opportunities we have now, there’s no reason we can’t find a way to adapt.”

Goddard ended the press conference by reporting the county’s total medically recovered COVID-19 cases has increased to 12.

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