Man Who Assaulted Greene County Deputies Pleads Guilty

A Willard man who knocked over two Greene County deputies with his vehicle during apprehension attempts has pleaded guilty to his crimes and will be spending “shock time” in jail while under consideration for probation.

Brandon Blas pleaded guilty on March 31, 2020, to third degree assault on a special victim (because the victim was a law enforcement officer) and resisting arrest as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Blas was sentenced to 7 years for the assault, and four years for resisting arrest; those were the maximum for the felony charges. He will serve up to 120 days shock time in the Department of Corrections, after which there will be an evaluation to see if he spends the remaining 7 years on probation.

The assault took place after Blas was pulled over because the license plates on his vehicle were believed to be stolen from a salvage yard. When asked to exit the vehicle, Blas resisted, and when deputies tried to remove Blas, he put the vehicle into gear and accelerated forward knocking down a deputy.

The vehicle stopped, and deputies made another attempt to remove Blas, who again was able to accelerate the vehicle and knock down a second deputy. Blas then fled the scene.

Blas was represented by a special public defender in the case, Kristin Jones, for the hearing in front of Judge Becky Borthwick. The state was represented by Assistant Prosecutor Aaron Wynn.

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