Springfield-Greene County Health Department Announces 4th COVID-19 Death

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department announced the county’s fourth death connected to COVID-19.

Assistant Health Director Katie Towns stated at a press conference Friday a woman in her 90s who was living at the Morningside East of Springfield care center, where the other three deaths also contracted COVID-19, passed away from what is terms an “epi linked” case.

An epi linked case is when a person directly connected to another patient with an illness and showed the signs of the illness, in this case, COVID-19, but did not have a test done that produced a positive result.

Towns said that Greene County now has a total of 41 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

“We are not surprised to see this, as we have begun to see test results coming back from our efforts to increase capacity for testing over the past few weeks,” Towns said.

“Until this point, we have only included lab confirmed cases in our case counts,” Towns said. “Today we are expanding to include epi linked cases of close contacts.”

Towns then shared that two spouses of confirmed cases in the same home are showing symptoms, another three members of the household are showing classic symptoms.

“While our partners have moved heaven and earth to expand testing, we recognize that testing capacity still remains limited,” Towns said in explaining the addition of the epi linked cases. “In this case, we can be confident in a COVID-19 diagnosis, since there are already two confirmed cases in the household.”

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