Greene County Commissioners Approve $123 Million for New Main Jail

The Greene County Commission moved the new jail a big step forward by approving a price of over $123 million for the main building containing the jail and the new sheriff’s offices.

The Commission’s action leaves in the option of spending $3.1 million to add an additional 100 dorm-style beds. The options brought to council were over $8 million less than initial estimates for the construction.

“We are thrilled that the jail advance team and others were able to find ways to be more efficient and achieve additional savings of around $8,500,000 in the construction of the new Greene County Jail and Sheriff’s Office,” Commissioner John Russell told OI. “We continually look to expend every taxpayer dollar in the most efficient way possible.”

The new jail facility will more than double the size of the current jail with a capacity of 1,242 inmates. The jail will be located just south of the Springfield-Branson National Airport, with the front of the facility housing the Sheriff’s office facing the airport.

According to county spokeswoman Donna Barton, the project will also contain about $23 million in “soft cost”, meaning items like the finishing parts of the construction, equipment, and furniture, bringing the total project just under the $150 million budget target.

Commissioners will be looking at other buildings on the jail site property, including a training and evidence building, in the future.

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