Cox South Opens Alternative Triage for COVID-19; Provides Ventilator Update

Cox South’s Emergency Department has announced they are opening an alternative triage and treatment site.

The new area is located in a white tent outside the ED in the drive-up area. The tent will be for patients who can walk into the ED area with COVID-19 and other respiratory symptoms.

The unit will care for any patients who have mild COVID-19 related symptoms.

In addition to announcing the new triage, CoxHealth provided an update on their ventilator situation through CEO Steve Edwards.

Edwards posted on social media that Cox started with 85 ventilators, and is now at 127 with 10 more about to be repaired and able for service. The health system has 57 anesthesia machines with 12 more on the way.

CoxHealth has also configured ventilators for multiple patients, but they will only be used in an emergency situation.

Edwards said the current number of patients at CoxHealth on a ventilator is 24.

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