City Asks Community Members to Take the “Help Ozarks Pledge”

The City of Springfield is asking residents and businesses to take the “Help Ozarks Pledge”, committing to helping each other during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The city has posted a website asking people to take the pledge and to sign up to acknowledge taking the pledge.

“As community leaders, we believe our citizens are committed to helping each other through this,” city leaders wrote in a letter on the website. “No proclamation or ordinance can bind a heart, but voluntarily, we truly believe our residents are seeking, as President Lincoln said in another national crisis over 150 years ago, “The better angels of our nature.”

The “Help Ozarks Pledge” features eight tenets, some of which only apply to local businesses:

1. We will practice physical distancing and good hygiene in my daily life to protect the health of community members.

2. I will practice social supports and check daily on at least one person or family especially vulnerable to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

3. I will volunteer my time or give other resources to help those in need as best I can during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

4. In business, I will put people over profits; I will not take advantage to increase prices, create a false sense of scarcity of products, or deny patrons necessary services or shelter.

5. In business, I will engage creative methods as best I can to help our associates and our community thrive and protect their livelihoods.

6. As a patron, I will buy local through the alternative ways businesses are offering their goods and services.

7. In all my actions, I will work to support the greater good of the Greater Ozarks.

8. I will ask others to join me in the #HelpOzarksPledge.

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