Attorney General Issues Cease and Desist to Strafford Man

A Strafford man has been issued a cease and desist letter by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for selling face masks for at least double the regular price of the masks.

The man was reportedly selling masks for as high as $12.50 per mask when the normal cost for masks are around $2.50.

“When we see instances of price gouging where we can take action, we will,” Attorney General Schmitt said in a statement. “Our office is working overtime to identify these instances of price gouging, collect consumer complaints, and educate Missourians on what to look out for during this time of uncertainty. Rest assured, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office has your back.”

The office conducted an investigation where an investigator met the man about a mask and was offered the masks at around double the normal price.

The AG determined that because the man maintained a stock of masks and was asking at least double the normal price, he was in violation of Missouri law and was issued a cease and desist order.

AG Schmitt said that since the order was issued, the man returned at least 600 masks to the retailers where he purchased them and has appeared to have ceased selling masks.

Missouri residents that feel they have found an incident of price gouging should report it via the AG’s website or by calling 800-392-8222.

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