Ozark Mayor Issues Stay at Home Order

Ozark Mayor Rick Gardner has issued a “stay at home” order for the city starting at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, March 26, 2020, and it will last for 30 days unless the mayor renews or withdraws the order.

The order says that Ozark residents may only leave their homes to do “essential activities.” The definition of those activities are operations or essential businesses, or the basic operations of other categories who have specific exemptions from the order.

The order mirrors the orders of Springfield and Greene County, which are available at this link.

“With the situation evolving in neighboring cities and counties, a unified approach is believed to be the
right thing to do for our community,” Ozark’s city government wrote in a press statement. “This Order intends to mirror those orders issued by Springfield and
Greene County. The intent of the Stay at Home Order is to ensure that the maximum number of people
self-isolate in their places of residence to the maximum feasible extent, while enabling essential services
to continue, to slow the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible.”

All non-essential businesses within the Ozark city limits will be closed.

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