Most State Court Activity Put on Hold

If you have business in front of a judge in Greene or any other County, it might take you a little longer to get what you need done.

The Missouri State Supreme Court has issued instructions to all court circuits to suspend all in-person proceedings because of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. An exception can be made to cases where an in-person appearance is not necessary or if a proceeding can be conducted via teleconferencing or video conferencing, or other technology that’s not a violation of the Constitution.

The court also listed the following exceptions to their order:

• Proceedings necessary to protect the constitutional rights of criminal defendants, including the right to a speedy trial, and the rights afforded under section 544.676.3;
• Proceedings pursuant to chapters 210 and 211 pertaining to juvenile delinquency and abuse, neglect, and termination of parental rights;
• Proceedings pursuant to chapter 453 pertaining to adoption;
• Proceedings in which civil or criminal jury trials are already in progress as of March 16, 2020;
• Proceedings pursuant to chapter 455 pertaining to orders of protection;
• Proceedings related to emergency child custody orders;
• Proceedings related to petitions for temporary restraining orders or other forms of temporary injunctive relief;
• Proceedings related to emergency mental health orders;
• Proceedings pursuant to Chapter 475 for emergency guardianship or conservatorship;
• Proceedings directly related to the COVID-19 public health emergency;
• Oral arguments regarding time-sensitive matters; and
• Other exceptions approved by the Chief Justice of this Court.

Judges are being given wide discretion to extend filing deadlines or time limitations in many types of civil cases. The court is also encouraging those within the court system to find ways to allow the public easier access to the state’s eFiling system.

Greene County Presiding Judge Michael Cordonnier has issued an order related to order of protection and abuse cases which will still go forward daily in the Greene County Courthouse:

Applications for adult abuse, or child abuse, Orders of Protection may be filed in the office of the Greene County Circuit Clerk, on the second floor of the Greene County Judicial Courts Facility between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm Monday through Friday.

If you are seeking an Order of Protection regarding adult or child abuse after hours, please contact the Greene County Jail at 1000 N Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO, phone 417-868-4048 or the Springfield Police Department at 321 E Chestnut Espy, Springfield, MO, phone 417-864-1810.

Greene County Circuit Clerk Tom Barr announced his office will be working under modified office hours during the COVID-19 outbreak. The office is now open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to Noon through at least April 17, 2020.

Barr will be providing updates, or posting any new orders from presiding judge Cordonnier, on the Greene County Courts website.

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