Branson Passes Stay At Home Ordinance

The city of Branson is basically closed as of 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 23, 2020.

In an action that Mayor Edd Akers said wasn’t “convenient for anybody”, the Branson Board of Aldermen has passed an ordinance closing all “non-essential” businesses.

The ordinance passed by a 5-1 vote:

  • Prohibits public and social gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • Requires social distancing of six feet or more amongst non-family members.
  • Prohibits non-essential businesses from operating in the city.
  • Prohibits on premises eating and drinking at any restaurant or business open to the public.
  • Allows essential businesses to remain open as long as they don’t exceed 25% of their occupant load in enclosed public places. Daycares and medical facilities are exempt from occupant load requirements and for lodging establishments only the public areas are considered.
  • Prohibits visitation to nursing homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes or any facility where the number of guests over the age of sixty outnumbers those under the age of sixty unless that visit is to provide critical assistance or care.

According to the ordinance, “essential businesses” are day care facilities which serve employees of essential businesses, health care facilities, grocery stores, convenience food stores, service stations, drug stores, pharmacies, public service or telecommunication facilities, financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, government offices and facilities, lodging establishments, and restaurants or other businesses as deemed essential by the Emergency Management Director or the City Administrator.

Non-profit operations like Christian Action Ministries drive-thru food pantry and school district meal services will be allowed to continue.

Taney County announced their first confirmed case of COVID-19 on Monday.

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