As Domestic Violence Climbs in Wake of Social Isolation, Family Justice Center Stands Ready to Help

Statistics across the nation are showing a rise in domestic violence as people are being forced to shelter in place or to socially isolate as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“In this particular time, with COVID-19, home can be pretty intense for domestic violence victims and survivors, due to the abusers ability to further control,” Ruth Glenn, President of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, told ABC.

The Greene County Family Justice Center wanted men or women who are victims of domestic violence during this outbreak to know that they are still in operation and can still take measure to rescue anyone from an abusive situation.

Jamie Willis, Project Coordinator of the FJC, told OI that while they have closed their lobby to the public because of the coronavirus outbreak, they still have all of their services available including being able to take cases to court for restraining orders and other legal remedies.

“Although our physical location is closed, we have developed a thorough and comprehensive operating procedure that will allow us to provide all of the services we generally offer, but in a process that is safer for our clients and staff,” Willis told OI.

Willis said that despite rumors about the courts, they are still operating quickly for victims of domestic violence.

“Courts are still accepting ex parte applications, and holding other emergency hearings,” Willis said. “They have delayed all other operations that are not time sensitive.”

The FJC is offering their normal daytime operations via phone at 417-799-1500. Their 24-hour emergency hotline is also still in normal operation at 417-864-7233.

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