Ozarks Technical Community College Closing Campus to Public Starting Friday

Ozarks Technical Community College announced they will be shuttering the campus from the public beginning Friday and lasting until at least March 29.

According to a letter from Chancellor Hal Higdon, the College will consider the time like winter break, where only essential personnel will be permitted on the campus.

“Normal business operations are suspended or will be conducted remotely. Computer labs will not be available during this time. The college is closed to the public,” Higdon’s letter stated.

The letter also said that OTC will be paying part-time employees who were scheduled to work during the extended closure. They will also pay student workers whose work is funded through the Federal Work Study program.

The college will begin online only classes starting March 30, and the letter says the school fully intends to reopen on March 30.

“I appreciate your patience and resilience as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances together,” Higdon wrote to conclude the announcement.

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