“Mystery Jeff” Houghton Hosting Daily Shows to Encourage Community

A lot of people may be feeling stressed out or depressed because of the current situations involving the novel coronavirus but one local entertainer is trying to help bring some joy to the community.

“Mystery” Jeff Houghton, host of the Emmy-Award winning local television show “The Mystery Hour” is producing daily, “low-budget” versions of the program via Facebook Live from a secret downtown location.

“I have decided to do daily Mystery Hours to provide the community with a routine touchstone as people are isolated,” Houghton told OI. “Hopefully it’s helpful to people and a welcome distraction.”

The show will feature local musicians and entertainers who have lost concert opportunities due to the closing of entertainment venues. Houghton will be raising money to help support the artists during their time out of work with a special PayPal link. The money will be split among the artists who appear on the show.

Search “Jeff Houghton” or “The Mystery Hour” on Facebook to find the program which will air at 3:30 p.m. weekdays.

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