Hinode Owners Taking No Salary to Pay Staff

The owners of Hinode Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi and Bawi Korean BBQ announced Wednesday they are no longer taking any income from the business so they can keep their staff employed and provide lower cost meal options to the community during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The managers of the restaurants will lower their pay to $9.45 an hour, the same amount they a raising pay for all the waitstaff to offset the lack of tips because dining areas were closed by government order.

“Our staff and the community are our top priorities at this time,” owner Cosmo Kwon said in a press statement. “We are seeing other dining establishments cut 90% of their staff or closing down. We put a lot of thought into this since yesterday’s announcement. Our commitment to remaining open and safely serving the community is unwavering. We are like a family here, and keeping our staff safe, employed and receiving a paycheck is imperative.”

In addition to the salary changes, the restaurants are also lowering their prices to make it more affordable for families to get take-out meals.

“We are cutting prices as low as possible to break even,” partner and director of operations Daniel Hernandez said in a statement. “We just want to cover the costs of food and staff. We know that folks in the community may not have the means to order-in at this time and believe these drastic steps will make it much easier for people to feed their family during this uncertain time.”

The restaurants are offering the following specials while their dining room areas are closed:

● Prices discounted 30 to 60% at Hinode Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

● Prices discounted 50% on all items at Bawi Korean BBQ

● Purchase a $25 Hinode Gift Card and get a $5 Bawi Gift Card Free

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