COVID-19 Patient Reportedly Attended James River Church Service March 8

One of the two Christian County patients infected with the novel coronavirus attended a service at James River Church’s Ozark Campus on March 8, one week before churches were asked to cancel services by local health officials.

According to the Christian County Headliner-News, the Christian County Health Department said in a press release that one of the two patients was not symptomatic when they attended the service third service on March 8, so the risk of exposure is considered to be low.

“While risk of exposure is low because the patient was not symptomatic, we would like to notify attendees of this service that if they currently have or develop any symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 they should contact their healthcare provider,” CCHD stated in their press release.

Those who attended the church service are asked to call their healthcare provider if they experience fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing.

That patient reportedly was exposed to COVID-19 by international travelers who were infected with the disease. The patient isolated themselves when they developed symptoms.

March 8 is the weekend before Greene County Health Department officials asked churches to consider not holding services on March 15, which James River Church chose to hold. The guidance at the time from the health department was they understood that when they spoke it was Friday afternoon and likely churches couldn’t make alternate plans in time for Sunday.

The Department said the second patient reported in Christian County was quarantined, along with others in their household who had close contact, and was low risk to spread the infection to the public.

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