Missouri State Moves Classes Online; Dorms to Remain Open

Missouri State President Clif Smart announced that the University will be moving classes online or some other alternative delivery method.

However, unlike many other campuses, Missouri State is going to leave the campus open in many aspects, including dorms.

University President Clif Smart said the decision to leave the dorms open with restrictions, as well as computer labs, dining halls, and other facilities with reduced hours was done because a number of students can’t go home.

He cited students that simply can’t go home because of travel restrictions, students who do not have access to high speed internet to continue their classes, and students who live in parts of major cities that aren’t safe areas to live.

“We plan to stay open to serve those students, unless the government orders us to close,” Smart said.

The university is closing places like the Foster Recreation Center to limit potential spread of the virus on campus.

Smart released a video to the campus community about the University’s decision where he also echoed calls from health department officials to limit public contact and suggested people avoid places like bars, concerts, and other crowded locations.

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