Winners of 2020 OTC Film Festival Announced

OTC held their fourth annual film festival where 28 teams competed to create five minute films that contained a specific set of creative elements.

The big winners were Radix Productions, who won five of the contest’s ten awards, including the top prizes of best film and best director.

All of the 28 films in the contest can be viewed via YouTube.

Here is the full list of winners:

Best Film
The Mailman – Radix Productions

Faculty/Staff Favorite
Deadly Assassin – Praise Cheeses

Best Director
Seth Switzer – The Mailman

Best Cinematography
Seth Switzer – The Mailman

Best Editing
Braden Powell – The Ties That Bind

Best Male Performance
Nik Green – The Mailman

Best Female Performance
Maddie Brown – Silent

Best Sound
John Van Doren – The Mailman

Best Screenplay
Carey Schehl – The Can

Best Poster
Hannah Lipchik & Siena Kragel – Ophelia

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