Habitual Domestic Abuser Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Term

A Springfield man with a history of violence against women will be spending up to two decades in state prison.

Darren Ray Sandefur, 32, will be spending up to 20 years in prison after his sentencing by Judge Calvin Holden.

Sandefur initially faced seven counts of felony domestic assault, two counts of tampering with a victim, and one count of violation of a protection order. He pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree felony domestic assault and two counts of felony tampering with a victim.

The grand jury indictment against Sandefur detailed a pattern of abuse that included choking his victim, hitting her with an object, and taking steps that kept her from being able to contact help when he attacked her. The grand jury noted Sandefur’s willful violations of an order of protection, where among other actions he told the victim she should not go to court to testify against him.

An additional court document noted that the victim was 24 weeks pregnant when Sandefur first beat her; when he was on bond and facing trial for that count he was arrested for choking the victim. He told the victim that “snitches get stiches” while assaulting her.

The bond document in the case explicitly read that Sandefur “can post any amount of bond and continue to assault and manipulate his victims.”

Sandefur was sentenced to 10 years on the two domestic assault convictions; 7 years on the tampering charges. The domestic assault sentences were ordered to run consecutively, meaning that he will serve both sentences before release. The tampering sentences will run concurrently with the assault sentences.

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