Kidnapping Suspect Arrested at Walmart

Mount Vernon police captured a man wanted for a kidnapping in Marshfield after the suspect tried to buy items at Walmart.

Christopher Ford was arrested Monday in Mount Vernon after spending the weekend on the run from law enforcement. Police in Marshfield say that Ford abducted a woman Friday morning, pepper-sprayed her, and locked her in a car. The woman was able to escape in Springfield according to witnesses.

Ford was spotted Sunday in Sarcoxie, but was able to escape after a high-speed chase through Lawrence County where speeds reached 90 to 100 miles per hour. Ford’s vehicle was disabled by countermeasures used by police, and he crashed into a field, but was able to escape into the woods and elude a K9 and thermal imaging equipment.

Monday morning, he was spotted at the Walmart looking disheveled.

Employee Karen Meyers, who recognized Ford, told OI about her contact with him.

“I asked him how he was doing and he said ok, but his clothes were wet,” Meyers said. “It wasn’t raining so I immediately thought he might be the person who may have been hiding outdoors all night. A closer look at his face and I was sure it was him.”

Meyers said she wasn’t scared, just surprised to run into Ford, and that police were in the store so she told them where he went when he tried to flee again.

“As they came around the corner where I was I told him he’d just run out the front door, despite the efforts of a couple of employees, and the chase was on,” Meyers said.

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