New Temporary Jail Could Eliminate Greene County Housing Prisoners Outside County

A new temporary jail facility initially approved by the Greene County Commission could eliminate the need for Greene County officials to house prisoners in other counties.

A proposal for a new 390 bed temporary jail, located on a parking lot at the corner of North Campbell and West Nichols, was presented to the Greene County Commission at Thursday’s commission briefing. The new jail facility would be 78 beds larger than the one worked into the 2020 Greene County Budget, however, the county budget office found a way cover the additional costs.

According to the Greene County Budget Office, the county is receiving a higher number of federal inmates than was planned for in the 2020 budget. As a result, the county should see an additional 2.044 million dollars in money from the federal government.

In addition to that revenue increase, the expanded jail would reduce the need to house prisoners in at least 10 other counties, including eliminating that need at the outset. As it costs on average $58.99 per day to house inmates out-of-county over the next two years, the cost to house locally of $46.53 per day would generate significant savings.

The cost for the increased trailer jail would be almost $960,000 more than im the current budget, which is more than offset by the increase in federal monies.

Major Royce Denny of the Sheriff’s Office and Greene County Treasurer Justin Hill noted to the Commission that the changes that decreased prisoner transport around the state would also significantly reduce the county’s liabilities.

The expanded jail will also allow the Sheriff’s Office to hire and train officers ahead of schedule for the opening of the new jail facility near the Springfield-Branson National Airport in 2022.

County Commissioner John Russell, noting that their goal as a commission is to be a wise steward of tax dollars and county revenue, called the larger temporary jail “a very efficient move.”

The current temporary jail will be dismantled when the new temporary jail is up and running. The new temp jail could be running by the second half of 2020.

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