Man Arrested for Shaking Baby Until Brain Bleed

A man is in the Greene County Jail facing charges connected to claims he shook a baby so hard it caused brain bleeding and seizures.

Eddie Dwayne Davis, 23, is facing an abuse or neglect of a child charge after the incident in Republic. He could receive 15 years in prison if convicted on the class B felony.

According to court documents, Davis was watching the infant and other children while their foster mother was at work. When she came home, she found the baby laying still, cold, and limp.

She rushed the child to the hospital, where the abuse was uncovered by doctors.

When interviewed by police, Davis initially denied having anything to do with the child’s injuries, but then confessed to the crime after a Computer Voice Stress Analyzer stated he was lying.

Davis said he became overwhelmed when the baby would not stop crying. He said he needed help for drug and mental health problems.

He is in the Greene County Jail, currently with no bond. No attorney is listed in Missouri Casenet for Davis.

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